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Giant Park Avenue Head for President!

September 2, 2008


Fed up with our two-party system? So am I.
It seems like a no-win situation again this year: Senator Obama has charisma and vision but little experience. Senator McCain has experience but no charisma or vision. In the absence of a thrid-party spoiler, I’d like to propose an alternative: The giant black & white head on Park Avenue.
The giant black & white head, part of an art installation by ceramic artist Jun Kaneko, sits on the Park Avenue meridian in midtown Manhattan. There are several heads along the meridian, but the black & white head is clearly the best head to lead our nation into the next four years.  
Mark Rifkin)
Ready to Lead? This guy is clearly ahead of the competition (Photo credit: Mark Rifkin)

The giant black & white head is a superior choice over either Obama or McCain. Here are a few reasons why I believe this is so…

1. The head is from New York:The last time we had a president with a strong connection to New York was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who served as governor of the state from 1929 – 1932. FDR went on to become one of the greatest presidents of modern times.

2. The head can’t speak:  As a ceramic work of art, the head is incapable of speaking and therefore unable to cover up conspiracies (Nixon), deny adultrous escapades (Clinton), or read to children during a terrorist attack (Bush).

3. The head combines the best of both canditates: Like McCain, the head is seen as something of a maverick; like Obama, the head is just the right mixture of black and white.

4. The head has a Park Avenue address: Let’s face it, that’s not too shabby.

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