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NYC Fashion Week… what a Croc

September 10, 2008


Earlier today, I passed by the ostentatious tents in Bryant Park and was reminded that Fashion Week has returned to New York City. And yet rather than celebrate the arrival of the beautiful people, I couldn’t help but think of the hypocrisy that threads through our local fashion community like a Singer Quantum XL 6000.
Here we are celebrating the fashion industry’s best and brightest while scores of New Yorkers shamelessly continue to traipse around the city in Crocs.
Goddamned Crocs! Bane of modern footwear. Bane of my very existence.
Not doubt you’ve seen them — those brightly-colored, plastic clogs that make your feet look like they’re being attacked by Whiffle balls.
When will this fiasco end? At what point do we, as citizens of good taste, demand government intervention? I mean, if this is the cost of living in a free society, put me on the next plane to North Korea.
Fahsionistas in this town are keen on uttering New York in the same breath as Milan and Paris, yet somehow I doubt those meccas of style have this problem.
Flicker's carrie227

Photo credit: Flickr's carrie227

 There are generally three points made in defense of Crocs by those who would oppose an outright ban. I would be remiss in my civic duty if I didn’t formulate a rebuttal to each of these…

1. They’re sooooo comfortable… This argument is only valid if we accept comfort as the sole criteria with which to govern our actions. Walking around naked would also be comfortable, yet for obvious reasons our society prohibits it.

2. I only wear them in the garden when no one else is around… A crime committed in absence of witnesses is still a crime.

3. I bought a pair for my six-year-old. What’s wrong with that?… Um, it’s called child abuse.

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  1. September 13, 2008 12:17 am

    Oh my gosh, they do look like whiffle balls….I will never look at them the same.
    However, I must admit, I have a pair, they are orange. Very comfortable, once you get past the thought that they look kinda weird.

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