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Everybody Hurts

January 21, 2012

Well, this is the project that has occupied my attention for the last year, leaving me little time to complain about all those the important issues I would normally tackle on this blog (such as why we still don’t have jet packs).

I’m so excited that my book Tortured Artists is finally out. I hope everyone will support the sanctity of Ye Olde Dead-Tree Model and order a copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or their Favorite Indie Bookstore.

See below for more information.

Tortured Artists
From Picasso and Monroe to Warhol and Winehouse, the Twisted Secrets of the World’s Most Creative Minds

Released March 2012 from Adams Media.

About the Book:

It is sometimes said that all great art comes from pain. Van Gogh painted The Starry Night while in emotional torment; Lennon and McCartney forged their creative partnership following the death of their respective mothers; Milton penned Paradise Lost after losing his wife, his daughter, and his eyesight. Such unremitting grief would send even the most grounded among us into a frenzied Xanax binge and associated fetal position, but these celebrated artists chose not to recoil in passive suffering. Instead, they turned their sorrow into something the world would cherish.

Tortured Artists examines the maladies that drive creative types to the brink of despair and the inspired works that are born from their anguish.

Visit the website at

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